Filming Rates

Day (up to 8 hours) - $750

Additional Filming Hours - $100


All day rates include: Setup and breakdown of equipment, hd cameras, professional audio equipment, specialized motion control and stabilization equipment, etc. 


Editing Rates

Editing/Post production - $200/per edited minute

Additional Revisions after first three versions  - $150/per revision

* Including licensed soundtrack via "Soundstripe"

Color Grading

* $100/per edited minute

* This process is broken down into 4 categories:

  1. Shot matching: Fixing exposure and white balance inconsistencies including repairing excessive noise from elevated ISO settings. Ultimately, ensuring each shot is consistent throughout the entire edit.
  2. Removing distractions: Isolating and manipulating particular elements that prevent shots from matching each other.
  3. Controlling the viewer’s eye: Using shape masks (or other techniques), attracting the eye to the focal point of interest.
  4. Creating looks: Stylizing each clip to give the entire project a unique feel.